Collection: All Stock DTF Designs

DTF Transfers are the NEWEST product to Sweet Threads and we are so excited about it! By offering DTF transfers to our customers, we are hoping to open a whole new world of high quality, amazing images that compliment our already vast inventory of dtf, and sublimation transfers, and so much more! We also want to educate our customers about DTF transfers and what they can do for you! So please read the information we have gathered below and get excited to create amazing and beautiful garments for yourself, your family and friends and even your own customers!

All of our DTF transfers are offered in the following sizes:

3.5" on the longest side - Pocket

5" on the longest side - Infant

7" on the longest side - Toddler

9" on the longest side - Youth

12" on the longest side - Adult


Easy, Fast & Simple!

DTF transfers have become immensely popular in our crafting community thanks to the easy and fast application each transfer has to offer! Welcome to an apparel decorating technique that requires no weeding, no designing, and very little time to your finished product


What is a DTF Transfer?

DTF transfers are a type of garment transfer that has been printed using a water-based DTF ink printed onto a clear release paper. This allows the end user the flexibility of when the transfer is applied and what the transfer is applied to. DTF transfers can be made in single color or full color images. Keep in mind that full color transfers will feel slightly thicker than single color transfers simply because more ink is used to create the transfer itself but we do pride ourselves with having some of the thinnest full color DTF transfers on the market. DTF transfers from Sweet Threads can be applied to any cotton, polyester, or cotton-poly blend materials. 

Application Instructions***

All Sweet Threads DTF transfers require the use of a commercial grade heat press due to the high, even pressure that is needed for correct application. Home irons will not work.

While not necessary, Teflon sheets or parchment paper can be used as a protective covering when pressing. If you are pressing your DTF transfer without the clear transfer paper (such as a second press) be sure to use a teflon sheet or parchment paper to protect your heat press. Be advised that pressing pillows can negatively effect the application and these should be used at your own risk. 

Pressing Temperature: 280°F-250°F*
Pressing Time: 20-25 seconds*
Pressure: HIGH
Peel: Read the following information carefully.
Our DTF transfer paper is designed to be a cold peel, but can also be peeled warm or cold. In order to be successful with peeling your transfer warm, you will have to have perfected your ideal pressing settings. This can be difficult for some users, especially those who are new to pressing DTF transfers. If you are a beginner, or find that warm peel is not working for you, allow your transfer to cool and then peel the transfer paper. If you see any lifting, lay the transfer paper back down, repress for 10-15 seconds, allow to cool and then peel.
While it is not necessary, you can press for a second time after peeling the paper. If you choose to do this, please ensure that you use parchment paper or a teflon sheet to protect your heat press.
*These settings are recommendations only and will greatly depend on your heat press. If you are not familiar with pressing DTF transfers from Sweet Threads, we recommend completing a few test presses to ensure the correct temperature, time and pressure for your heat press.